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Will Your Next Vehicle Be An Electric Vehicle?

Whether you realized it our not, there are a lot of people asking themselves the question, “Will my next vehicle be an electric vehicle?“ I don’t believe it’s so much of drivers feeling the pain at the pump, rather an understanding the internal combustion cars we grew up is nearing the end of an era.

Sound Phantom Corp. attended a great networking event hosted by Launch Lake Norman. This event was filled with entrepreneurs and starts who are forging the way for electrification. Being in a room of innovative and creatives minds impacting the future of transportation like a fan making it backstage to mingle with their favorite artists at a concert.

It was exciting to learn how startups have taken the “Thing” they envisioned and found market fit in a meaningful way. Just think in the late 1970s, M. Stanley Whittington was the first to explore the lidea of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. It wasn’t until 1991, when Sony produced the first lithium-ion rechargeable battery. And today Elon Musk is arguably the greatest innovator of maximizing the potential of lithium-ion batteries when he launch Tesla.

Fio me the stand out of the evening belonged to Atom Power. The reoccurring problems current and future EV drivers face is how and where will they charge their electric and hybrid vehicles. Well Atom Power seems to have found the solution. The modern world seems to have outgrown the constrains and risks of traditional circuit breaker boxes. To meet the demands electric vehicle charging will require the have engineered the first and only true solid-state circuit breaker.

The contribution made by this local startup will lessen the demand on traditional transformers to supply the entertainment needed to fuel the demand of transition to electric and hybrid vehicles.

With everyone in the focused on doing their part to advance the notion of zero emission vehicles challenges the Sound Phantom team to continue on our journey to complete the development of Harken. This will be our first product entry developed from the ground up.

Our mission has been to develop safety applications for electric and hybrid vehicles to prevent collisions involving pedestrians and cyclists. Harken also enhances EV and Hybrid driving experiences through customizable iconic exhaust notes. Could our product help bridge the gap for traditional internal combustion engine vehicle owners to migrate to electrification? Our team feels we are on the right path. One thing for certain…the future for the automotive industry will be electrifying!

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