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Sound Phantom Corp.

Our company is seeking equity funding of $8,500,00 for Sales & Marketing Expansion. 

To hire key staff for international sales.

Image by Alexandre Debiève

Present Position

Product has been developed and gone for testing. The system is fully functional in US.

IPR Position/Strategy

Sound Phantom Corp. has developed our own software and owns the IP.  Our focus is to establish and grow the company's brand rapidly in its key markets. 

Target Market:  The Opportunity

  • Current EV owners

  • Commercial EV manufacturers

Engineering Class
Business Conference


Kevin Stormer, Founder & CEO: +20 years experience in sales & management in financial and security systems industries.  Founder of innovation consultancy, working internationally on customer-experience projects in multiple sector.

Darren Dodson, CTO: Experience on CRM & mobile projects working with private & public organizations.

Pritesh Pravaah, CMO: Over 15 years' experience in ramping & running technology businesses.  

Business Summary

Our company provides cost effective solutions to current EV owners and auto manufactures.  Clients experience faster solutions due to cloud offered over-the-air updates offered by our firm. 

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