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Register today to become one of the first EV enthusiast to receive HARKEN.  Our synthetic exhaust system is engineered for excitement!!

Introducing "Harken" specifically engineered for high performance electric and hybrid vehicles.

Who is it for?

Harken allows EV and Hybrid owners to customize each driving experience through iconic exhaust notes. 


How do you use it?

  • You can DIY by watching our YouTube Installation Video or schedule installation with one of our approved installation vendors.

  • Download the Sound Phantom™ mobile app through iStore or Google Play. 

  • Mount our flared bell sound canister under the rear chassis and/or frunk of your car. 

  • Place the paddle shifters onto your steering wheel

  • Complete you user profile

  • Enjoy your next driving experience! 


Tech Involved?

We've cracked the code and developed an synthetic exhaust system with full integration into you vehicle's infotainment system.

  • Driver's can customize their experience with various iconic exhaust soundwave files

  • Experience "Eyes Forward" operation using our mounted paddle shifters to adjust drive modes and sound

  • Our USPTO patent pending flared bell acoustic sound canister delivers the perfect soundtrack for performance every time!

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Thanks for your pre-order!
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